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Bertrand WID Priorities, Goals, and Possible Actions

1. Water quantity: water availability for agricultural uses

Goal: Farmers in the Bertrand WID have secure (legal) access to sufficient water for agricultural uses.


  • (2017) Completed the pilot Flow Augmentation Project.

  • (2018) Sought approval of permanent water right for augmentation projects.

  • (2019) Surface to groundwater transfers in the WID area - complete 3 more transfers as part of Foster Task Force Pilot.

Goal: Agricultural activities in the Bertrand WID do not cause water quality standards to be exceeded in the surface            water and groundwater bodies within the WID area.


  • (2019) Continue with the ongoing water quality monitoring & response program.

  • (2019) Engage BC landowners and agencies in water quality concerns

Goal: Drainage infrastructure and ditches in the Bertrand WID are actively and effectively maintained.


  • (2019) Pursue programmatic 5-year drainage permit(s) with assistance from the Whatcom Conservation District

  • (2019) Complete a fish friendly tidegate on Duffner Ditch

  • (2019) Consider ditch mowing services by the WID

Goal: Agricultural lands in the Bertrand WID are protected from flooding at critical times in the growing season.


  • (2019): Propose River projects to be funded under the FLIP process

5. Communication, Outreach, and Education

  Goal (internal): WID members are aware of and understand the priority issues and participate actively in WID                                     planning & implementation of priority actions.

   Goal (external): Nonagricultural residents and other stakeholders outside the WID are aware of, understand and                                  support the Bertrand WID’s priority actions


  • (2015) Redesigned website @

  • (2017 - present) Use AWB and Family Farmers newsletters to communicate current projects

  • (2017 - present) Sponsor WCD Speaker Series and other communication efforts

6. Water flow processes; Habitats & species

    Goal : The Bertrand WID’s plans and actions help to protect and enhance water flow processes and fish and wildlife                          habitats in the Bertrand and lower Fishtrap watersheds


  • (2019) Identify and replace priority fish blocking culverts

  • (2019) Continued work on Flow Augmentation Project

7. Agricultural protection (Protecting the agricultural industry)

         Goal:  Important agricultural land in the WID is protected from conversion through appropriate zoning and/or                                       voluntary agricultural conservation easements

The WID contains other special purpose districts within its boundaries that is dedicated to improving drainage within a portion of the WID.   More information on these DID's is available at:

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